TidyLabs: Alerts for DLive - Welcome Mixer Streamers

I wanted to write a quick post to help the Mixer streamers who heard the news that Microsoft has decided to partner with Facebook from next month (July 2020).
If you are wanting to try streaming on DLive, please read through the following guide which will help you get set up with alerts.  The most important thing is to join the DLive Discord where others will be more than happy to help you.
DLive Discord
▶▶▶ https://go.dlive.tv/discord ◀◀◀

Donations - What are Lemons?

To get things started, Lemons are the on-site currency for DLive.  Each Lemon is worth $0.012 here are the donation values:
  • Lemon = $0.012
  • Ice Cream (10 lemons) = $0.12
  • Diamond (100 lemons) = $1.20
  • Ninjaghini (1000 lemons) = $12.00
  • Ninjet (10000 lemons) = $120.00
25% of all donations go to BTT Stakeholders, NOT to DLive.  Anybody can become a BTT Stakeholder, please see:  https://help.dlive.tv/hc/en-us/articles/360042613431-BTT-Staking-on-DLive

One of the best things about DLive is that if you receive Lemons in your stream, you can also donate those lemons to other streamers! #community

What Features does DLive have?

DLive has some amazing features!
  • No Platform Cuts (DLive does not take a cut on donations)
  • Clipping - any user can clip!
  • Instant Monetization - any channel can instantly receive donations via lemons
  • Bi-Weekly payouts - you can request a payment when you want - no 60-90 day wait!
  • Home Page promotion - The home page is NOT just limited to Partners
  • Monthly Events - DLive has some amazing events - join the Discord! - https://go.dlive.tv/discord 
  • DLive Chest - Viewers can earn lemons just by watching and chatting - the streamer opens the chest any time they want!

Streamlabs for DLive?

DLive unfortunately does not have any Streamlabs integration (yet), so for now you can use TidyLabs free of charge.

What is TidyLabs?

TidyLabs is an alerts system for your DLive Streams and currently has the following features:
  • Follower Alerts
  • Subscriber Alerts
  • Host Alerts
  • Donation Alerts (Lemon)
  • Donation Alerts (BTT & TRX)
  • Follower Goal
  • Donation Goal (Lemon)
  • Top Donators (All time)
  • Top Donators (Current Stream)
  • Subscriber Scroller (scrolls all your subscribers)
  • Chat Overlay
  • Discord Bot (Posts announcements when you're live)

  • Ninjaboss (Similar to Streamboss)
  • Events List
  • Stream Labels (text labels for your overlays)
    • Latest Follower
    • Latest Subscriber
    • Latest Donation
    • Latest Lemon
    • Latest Icecream
    • Latest Diamond
    • Latest Ninjaghini
    • Latest Ninjet

  • DLive Chat Bot (2 versions)
    • Chatbot 1.0
      • Free to all
      • Commands
      • Alert messages for donations / hosts / subs
      • !uptime - shows how long the stream has been running
    • Chatbot 2.0
      • Currently in Development - lots of features, but testing for Alpha testers only.
      • Song Requests
      • Moderation
      • Interactive
        • Sound Effects
        • Video Effects
        • Points
How to create a TidyLabs Account
  1. Create an account on DLive.tv
  2. Visit: https://tidylabs.stream
  3. Sign in with your DLive account
How to add an alerts overlay
  1. Click the option "ALERTS BOX"
  2. Copy the URL to your clipboard
  3. Paste the URL into a browser overlay in your streaming software

Where can I get TidyLabs Support?

TidyLabs is written soley by Tidy (me) - you can DM me any time for support, or head on over to the TidyLabs Discord at:  https://discord.gg/tidy

How can I stream my XBOX / PS4 to DLive?

There is not a native app to stream directly to DLive from your console.  However, I wrote a guide which any console user can use to stream on DLive without a capture card.

DLive Co-Streams

DLive does not currently have a co-stream function, however TidyLabs has a multi-stream option where up to 4 users can be watched on a single browser window.