How to Stream to DLive from your XBOX or PS4 without a Capture Card or Streaming PC

Hey everybody,

If you do not have a streaming PC or Capture card, but still want to stream on DLive, I have written this guide just for you!

Firstly, there is NOT a DLive app on Consoles, so we have to do some cool magic with free websites to send your stream to DLive.

The idea is quite simple, we are going to use existing live streaming apps available on consoles and pull your stream from Twitch... and then send it to DLive!

Although I have written this guide using the Twitch app - if you wanted to stream to Mixer instead using the XBOX broadcast feature - just substitute the Twitch login with your Mixer login - and it will still work.

However:  The delay will be A LOT less using the Twitch app because it uses low latency RTMP - rather than Mixers FTL service - so the choice is yours!

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 x XBOX / PS4 Console
  • 1 x Internet Connection suitable for streaming (upload 2mb >)
  • 1 x Twitch Account & Twitch app installed
  • 1 x DLive Account
  • 1 x Account (free) at (the magic!)

Step 1 - Creating an Account

Ok, so the first thing you should do is head on over to and sign up using your Twitch account.

Step 2 - Setting up to pull your Twitch Stream

Once logged in, click "Stream Profiles" on the left hand side, and click "New".  This is where we will select our source stream (Twitch) and where to send it to (DLive)

In the drop down box, ensure your Twitch channel is selected.

Now click the box "Add Destination"

Select "Other, Stream via RTMP"

Now click "Configure"

Enter a name such as "DLive", and enter the RTMP Address.

To get your full RTMP Address, you need your Stream key from DLive.

  1. Visit:
  2. Ensure you have set up your stream (thumbnail, title, game etc)
  3. click "Encoding Server Information"
  5. Copy the Stream Key to your clipboard (press the COPY button)

The full address will be:

So if your stream key was:  "sdfsdfsdfj034fjmwef_tidy" your RTMP address would be:

 Enter that URL into the box on and press "Save"
Give your profile a name, I chose "DLive Streaming", and click "Create Profile"

Step 3 - Going Live on Twitch

Open the Twitch app on your console and select "BROADCAST"

Set up your stream with Title, Bitrate etc (if you are unsure, just leave everything as automatic) and press "START STREAMING"

Step 4 - Going Live on DLive!

Your stream should now be live on Twitch, so now we need to tell to send it to DLive!

On the website, select "Start Streaming" on the left hand menu

You should see the profile we created in Step 2 of this guide.  Just go ahead and press "Start Streaming"

Give it around 20-30 seconds and you should now see your stream on DLive!

How do I get alerts on my Stream - is it possible?

Yes, however I will save that for another guide.. we need to use another service for that and it can get quite complicated.  If you want to me to write that guide sooner - please leave a comment.

How do I read my Chat?

You will need either a laptop / phone to read your DLive chat.

How do I use my Mic?

Just use your XBOX / PS4 headset to talk to your stream

How do I stop my stream?

In your Twitch app, just stop the broadcast.

Do I need to follow all the above steps each time I want to go LIVE?

No 😲 You just need to repeat Step 3 (Go live on your Console, and then press the Start Streaming in


  1. Hey tidy! Please write a new guide for alerts. I'm unsure as to how on earth to do it.

  2. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. site

  3. Hey tidy! Could you write a guide how to add overlays to DLive without OBS?

  4. Hey Tidy, not sure if you got around to creating the guide for adding alerts.

    I'm assisting a friend that is starting off with streaming and she does not own a capture card. She is using a PS4.

    Thanks for this existing guide though!

    ~ StarFoxMcCloudX


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