TidyLabs Tool: VOD Downloader v0.5

7th May 2019 - New Version 0.5 Released

  • Works with the latest version of DLive
  • Changed the name to include Pineapple Pizza

19th November 2018 - New Version  0.4 Released
  • Fixed bug when titles contained non-alphanumeric characters
  • Updated to Latest DLive end points

Hey everybody,

I was asked to write a small tool to download live stream VODs for DLive and I have launched v0.2 today!  (v0.1 was twice the size that only a few users tested)

A few notes before I get into more detail.
  1. This will only work on Windows
  2. This is a packaged Python script (using PyInstaller)
  3. The file has been virus checked locally, and you should also virus check it too.
  4. The script utilises the youtube-dl library
How does DLive store VODs?

DLive stores VODs as small chunks of video/audio, which means to speed up playback are served when the browser requests them.

To download a complete stream requires you to download all the small bits, pop them in order and then save the new file with correct headers etc - that is precisely what my tool does.

Step 1 - Download

Download the file from my shared Dropbox link below:
🔗 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpc5i881dc4chjq/tidylabsdownloader_0.5.exe?dl=0
  • It may get blocked by Windows
  • It may trigger false alarms with your Virus checker

Step 2 - Install

Double click the "TidyLabs_Downloader_05.exe" file and follow the installation instructions.

This will place an .exe file and 2 folders into the directory you chose during installation.
  • TidyLabsDownloader.exe
  • downloads
  • bin

Step 3 - Run

Double click the "TidyLabsDownloader.exe" file, this will load what looks like a DOS Prompt (CMD Window)

Step 4 - Enter Video URL

Paste the URL for the replay you wish to save ie:

Then press "Enter" on your Keyboard

Step 5 - Downloading

The video will begin downloading.  Depending on the size of the overall stream and your download speed will affect the time it takes to fully download.

For those of you wanting to see the speed you are downloading at, pop open your Task Manager and look for the TidyLabsDownloader.exe process.

Step 6 - Download Complete

Once the download has finished, the DOS Box (CMD Window) will let you know if the file download was successful, where the file is, and the name of the file.

Step 7 - Checking

Check the file is working by loading it in your favourite video player :)


Future Plans

I am currently working on a full GUI for the software, but wanted to get something up and working for everybody :)

I also would like to offer full account downloads ie. Enter your username and download all the VODs from your account.

As with anything, if you have problems, please pop into the discord and let me know :)

Kindest Regards



  1. i get an error code when downloading video. says MSVCR100.dll not found, i have reinstalled twice, get same erro

    1. you know you need the Vcredist installed right?

  2. Thank you so much Tidy! This new download script is awesome.

  3. Will the downloader script work on Mac? Will you opensource the code?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Are there any advatages when you download it with the tool instead of VLC?


  6. Getting an ERROR that says ffmpeg exited with code 1. Can anyone help?

  7. works just like it says in on this guide

  8. Error : ffmpeg exited with code 1
    PC Fx 6300 1050 TI

  9. ERROR: ffmpeg exited with code 1

  10. ERROR: ffmpeg exited with code 1

  11. ERROR: ffmpeg exited with code 1

  12. I keep getting "Starting Download of your Video" with a bunch of arrows to the right without ANYTHING downloading

  13. From a complete stream we just get a file with 8 minutes.


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