TidyLabs: Chat Overlay 2.0

Hey Everybody,

Firstly, let me thank everybody who has continued to support TidyLabs via their subscription. 💛 Please accept my apologies for the lack of "visible" updates, but assure you there is a lot going on in the background to ensure that TidyLabs is available to all DLive users.

Chat Overlay 2.0

I have spent some time re-working the chat overlay based on the feedback received over the past several months.

I am proud to add these extra "tweaks" to keep your streams popping, and to help with a lot of IRL streamers who rely on the TidyLabs chat overlay.

The new / quality of life features are:

  • Sub badges
  • Staff / Guardian / Owner / Mod badges now included
  • Donation Grouping for Lemons / Ice Creams
  • Donation Gift Messages


The new chat overlay now shows the the badges for general chat messages.  If a DLive Guardian sends a message, it will show a a Guardian badge - the same for staff, moderators, and channel owners.

Included is the new sub badges which will match with the settings you have saved on your DLive account.

If you have not set up a sub badge they will continue to show as a ⭐

Donation Grouping

One of the most requested features was to either "ignore lemons and ice creams" or find a way to group the donations by user so the chat overlay didn't become a sea of yellow.

The donation grouping is only for Lemons & Ice Creams.  If multiple users are sending lots, it will act pretty much the same way as the DLive chat, and just increase the number - rather than adding a new message.

Diamonds / Ninjaghini's / Ninjets will still show as new messages.

If there is still demand for completely ignoring certain types of donation messages I will add this feature in 👍

Donation Gift Messages + TTS

Donations with messages now get shown in the chat overlay.  If you have enabled the TTS (Text-To-Speech) for donation messages these will be read out*

* I am working on an in-house TTS service which should allow for more reliability and customisation of voices etc.


If you have any feedback, please drop into my Discord channel: https://discord.gg/tidy and let me know!


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