TidyLabs: Alert Upgrade + Gifted Subs

Hey Guys, Girls and Dolphins!

I have added 2 new features into the Alert Overlay on TidyLabs.

Gifted Sub Alert (alpha release)

TidyLabs will now recognise Gifted Subscription and display an alert using your existing "Sub Alert" settings.  This is completely in Alpha with no customisation options, so feedback is very much appreciated to see how this is working for you.
You only need to reload your current alerts overlay for the updates to take effect.

Disable Specific Gifts

A request that does keep popping up is the ability to stop lemon & ice cream alerts.  I decided to add the ability to disable any of the native gift options appearing as alerts.

For example, if you no longer wish to show Lemon alerts, check the box "Disable Lemons", and copy the full widget URL into your streaming software.

If somebody tips a lemon, the alert will not show. 😭

I checked the box, and it still shows in my alerts!

After checking the box, make sure you have copied the new widget URL into your streaming software.

As always, if you experience any problems, please let me know :)

All the best

Tidy 💛


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