Help: TidyLabs Verification Failed

If you are receiving an error message when logging in to TidyLabs with the words "Verification Failed" this issue relates to your Lino Account.

How to Fix The Verification Failed TidyLabs Login Error

You can try the following methods:
  • Try again (fixes 99% of the problems)
  • Clear Cache & Cookies
  • Disable any AdBlockers (there are no ads on TidyLabs / Lino / DLive)
  • Try a different browser
  • Log into your Lino Account with your Recovery Phrase (if you have it)

If you have tried the above and still receive the Verification Failed error message please try the following fix.

Send yourself 1 LP
  1. Log into your Lino wallet at:
  2. Send yourself 1 Lino Point (this does not cost you anything, you are sending it to yourself)
    1. Enter your own Lino account in the Recipient Username
    2. Enter 1 in the Amount
    3. Memo, leave blank or type anything
    4. Press Send

This method usually fixes 99% of the issues relating to the Verification Failed Message.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact Tidy (or another member of DLive Staff) so we can relay the issue to the Lino Developers.


  1. tried all the above and still cant link my Dlive and tidylabs account

    1. What is your DLive channel and I will let you know what Lino account you need to log into :)

  2. this problem isn't about the current article but I could not find an article on it so my problem is that when I put the url into OBS and nothing shows up it was showing up for like a day then it randomly just stopped working and yes I tried refreshing cache

  3. Error
    There was an error logging you in. The LINO account you tried to log in with does not have a DLive account associated with it. Please ensure you are logging into the correct LINO account. and i did everything and im getting this can u help me asap


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