Guide: Ps4 Console Streaming

Hey everybody!

I wanted to write a quick little guide on how to stream your PS4 console to DLive!
This is for users without a capture card / PC to stream.. so although it's not ideal - it will work and you can enjoy the amazing DLive community!

What you will need:

The Idea

The idea is quite simple, you are going to stream to Twitch directly from your PS4 - we will then find the "m3u8" link for your stream, enter into Castr - and then let Castr send that to DLive!

Start your Ps4 Stream

1) Start the game you wish to stream.
2) Press the 'Share' Button.
3) Select "Broadcast Gameplay"
4) Select the Twitch as the service you want to stream to
5) Link your Twitch profile to your PS4. ...
6) Title your broadcast / set streaming options.
7) Select "Start Broadcasting"

1) Visit:
2) Enter your Twitch URL into the box
3) Press "Get Stream URL"
4) Right click on the highest quality and choose "Copy Link Address"

This has now copied your m3u8 link to your clipboard - onto Castr!

Castr - Setting up your Pull Source

Castr is a re-streaming service that can "pull" streams from sources and send them out to other places - it's awesome!

1) Log into
2) Click "Pull" (it's over on the right)

3) In the "Pull Source" box - paste the m3u8 link we got earlier

4) Click "Save" - and wait a few seconds
5) Your stream should now be playing in the Castr preview window!

Stream to DLive!

Now we need to add DLive as a streaming service in Castr!

1) Click "Add Publish Platform"

2) Choose "DLive"

3) Enter your streaming key
You can find your DLive streaming key over at

4) Enter your stream key into Castr and select "Push Immediately"

5) Press "Save"

Your stream should now start on DLive o/


Q: Do I need to repeat all the steps each time I stream?
A: You only need to repeat:
  • Get the new M3u8 File Link for
  • Castr - Setting up your Pull Source
Q: How do I add overlays?
A: You can't :(

Q: How do I read DLive chat?
A: You can read the chat on your phone / PC

Q: How do I stop my stream?
A: On your PS4, just stop your broadcast


  1. Side note, Pull service is coming up as $9.99 a month.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I will have a chat with the guys at Castr :)

    2. Hey Tidy, there is another service that we would be able to use and you’d do the exact same thing as what you outlined above, and that service is free for the Pull feature. The problem is either you guys would have to have a talk with them or change how your ingest server url works. This other service is called Aircast.( should be the url). The problem is when we put our dlive encoding server url into Aircast, they want us to put a /(stream key) after it. There’s no separate way to enter the key on the site and that doesn’t work with dlive.

    3. Hi El Boone,

      Thank you for your comment, you can use the 1 line RTMP URL which is:


      :) Let me know how you get on, and if it works, I will update the article with another link for future readers :)


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