TidyLabs Update: 🚀LINO Login + More!

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the new look TidyLabs.  As you may have noticed the home page received a little bit of a face lift, which now works a lot better with smaller screens and mobile devices (more improvements to come!)

Your alert URLs will all remain the same

This has been a huge back end update that I wanted to get up and running as soon as possible.
The largest part of this update was completely removing the 'TidyLabs Key Login' and replacing it with 'Login with LINO'.

Logging in with LINO

Please ensure you log in with the LINO account associated with your DLive account.

Logging in with LINO is quick, simple and 1 less password to remember.  We never see any of your account details, we are just confirming your identity.  This means I can start to push new features to TidyLabs that are account specific (TidyClips management?)

New Users

Just login with LINO and you will be redirected straight to your dashboard where you can add alerts etc.  Easy as pie!

Existing Users

Once you log in with your LINO account, you "may" be faced with a whole list of user keys... this is because TidyLabs would allow anybody to sign up with a username, and everything was controlled by that unique key.

Many users forgot their key, didn't know they had a key, or somebody thought they'd hacked the system by using somebody elses name... LOL

To proceed, click "Link this account" next to the key that you used to use for your account.  This is most likely going to be the top option... but always double check first.

TidyLabs will begin the process of linking your account and DELETING all of the other accounts.  There is no going back after doing this.

After a successful link, you will be redirected to your dashboard where  you may notice a few changes and extra features ;)

New Dashboard

Well, it's not really new, just looks a little better with some extra features.

As you will have noticed straight away, there is no longer an ugly flashing key, this is because we are logging in with your LINO account - clever eh?

My Account

One message I receive quite often is: "Hey Tidy, your alerts don't work".
This is usually because you have changed your display name on DLive and your TidyLabs account is still linked to the old DLive display name.

As TidyLabs is now using a LINO login, if you change your display name on DLive, you can head on over to your TidyLabs account page and refresh your DLive display name - your alerts will need to be refreshed, but everything will then work :)

Delete my Account

In accordance with GDPR we need to offer you this option.  TidyLabs does not keep any sensitive information (keys etc), but it is information that you may have provided.  Deleting your account will remove your user record from the database along with any customisation you may have done.


Knowing how talented our DLive community is, I wanted a place where I could showcase some excellent overlays, alerts & graphics made by you.
As you may have noticed there is only a couple of options to choose from, but I hope in the coming weeks this will be jam packed with new stuff!


You can now disable the "@everyone" tag when TidyLabs posts an announcement of your live stream.

Coming Soon

I always keep a note of requests made by the DLive community and will try my best to ensure they get added as soon as possible, so I have added a list of items that I will be working on - if your request is not there, shoot me a DM, or post in the DLive feature requests.


I do not get paid to develop TidyLabs,  I do it out of love for the DLive community,  so if a feature does not work for you, or something ends up breaking.. being rude in my DM's is not really something I appreciate.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy the new features I have planned and look forward to your submissions into the resources section!

All the best

#InDLiveWeTrust 🍋