TidyLabs Update - Follow Alerts

Hi Everybody!

I have added a follower alert overlay to TidyLabs.  This is still in BETA, but will show an alert every time somebody new follows your channel.

Please note: This alert is now part of the "All in 1 Alert" overlay :)

Once you first add this overlay TidyLabs will pull all of your follow list and start to track new followers.

Features / Customisation

  • Custom Image
  • Custom Sound
  • Volume Control
  • Custom Follow Message
  • Choose animation of the alert
  • Font Choice Selection
  • Custom Font Size
  • Font Colour
  • Username Colour

Add the follower alert like any other alert overlay in your streaming software.

Recommended size:  500x500.

If you have any problems, please either reply to this thread, or contact me on Discord.


Team DLive