TidyLabs: Sub Train Countdown Timer

 Hey Everybody!

Firstly, please make sure you have joined the TidyLabs Discord over at: https://discord.gg/tidy

This suggestion came from Torix - who posted in the "Feature Requests" section only last night!

What is this Overlay?

Quite simply, it's a countdown timer that activates when a user subscribes to your channel.  The timer (set by you) will start counting down.  If another user subscribes during this countdown - the sub train counter will increase, and the timer is reset.


As streamers, it's a great way to encourage users to subscribe, and with the additional bragging rights for the largest sub train - what's not to love!

As a viewer, it's a lot of fun to keep the train and hype going!


The sub train comes with a few options, and more to be added later 😉
  • Font Choice
  • Font & Icon Colour
  • Background Colour (with transparency!)
  • Hide when timer reaches 0
  • Time Countdown (Number of minutes the timer counts down from)


As always, if you have any problems, head on over to the TidyLabs Discord server :)