TidyLabs: Statistics Launch 🚀

Hey Everybody,

Over the past few late evenings I have been working on something for fun the DLive Community!  I am proud to launch the first version of TidyLabs Statistics!

👉 https://stats.tidylabs.stream 👈

All data collected on TidyLabs statistics is public data which is visible to anybody browsing DLive.tv. Imagine every 30 minutes somebody going through every stream writing down the number of viewers, recording what category they are streaming and keeping a log for 30 days - that's how it works!

What Information are you tracking?

Category Statistics

  • Total Viewers in that category
  • Total Streamers in that category
  • Peak Streamers in that category
  • Peak Viewers in that category

Viewer Statistics

  • Followers over that last 30 days
  • Viewer Numbers over the last 30 days
  • Category breakdown
  • Peak Viewers
For a full list of what I feel will be Frequently Asked Questions - please see the FAQ over at: https://stats.tidylabs.stream/faq.asp