TidyLabs: Viewer Polls

Hey Everybody!

I am proud to launch the first version of the TidyLabs Polls feature.  This is currently in Alpha testing and primarily was written for the DLive's Got Talent event (finals tonight! 24th July 2020).

The Poll system is quite simple to use and does require the Chatbot 2.0 in order to capture the votes of your users.

How to Start a Poll

  1. Log into TidyLabs
  2. Click "Polls" on the left menu
  3. Enter a Poll Question
  4. Enter some options for your viewers to choose from
  5. Click Start Poll

What happens?

Once the poll has started, a chat message is sent to your chat room, the Polls overlay becomes active, and users can then vote!

How do users Vote?

Users vote by typing their vote into the chat, so for the example above the options are:
  • #Yes
  • #No
  • #What
  • #Brush
These options are not case sensitive.

Rules for Voting

  • 1 Vote per user
  • Users can only vote for 1 option
  • Spamming votes will not change anything
  • Typing different votes will be ignored and only your first vote will be counted

Poll Overlay

The streamer can add an overlay to their streaming software by copying the URL from the Poll page within TidyLabs.  This will self update when there is a new poll.

Poll Controls

The streamer can use the following options once a poll has started:
  • Freeze Poll
  • Delete Poll
Freezing the poll will prevent any further votes and will keep the overlay fixed at the current results.  The streamer can then resume the poll to allow users to vote.

Deleting the poll will remove the poll completely and allow the streamer to create a new poll.  Once the poll is deleted the overlay will show a standard message "No Polls Running"


This feature is brand new and may contain some bugs (or features depending on how you look at it lol), so please report any bugs over in my Discord at:  https://discord.gg/tidy