TidyLabs: BTT/TRX Donation Alerts + Updates

Hi Everybody!

With the launch of the donations with BTT/TRX on DLive (read more: https://community.dlive.tv/2020/06/03/donate-with-btt-trx/) I have added this functionality into TidyLabs for all users to enjoy!

These include:
  1. BTT/TRX Donation Alert
  2. BTT/TRX Stream Label
  3. BTT/TRX Events List update

How to add BTT/TRX Donation overlay
I have built this into the existing TidyLabs alerts overlay - so to activate you just need to refresh your browser source for the default alert to fire.

How to Customise my BTT/TRX Donation overlay
  • Log into TidyLabs
  • Click "Alert Box"
  • Scroll to the "BTT / TRX Alert Settings"
  • Customise as usual 🚀
    • Message can contain the following variables
      • #username# = user who donated
      • #cryptoname# = type of crypto (BTT or TRX)
      • #amount# = the amount of crypto they donated

What is the minimum amount?
BTT/TRX donations can be as little as 0.000001, to save spam alerts you can set the minimum amount before an alert will fire.
This is currently for both TRX and BTT - but I will be adding in separate limits soon™

BTT / TRX Events List
If you use the TidyLabs events list, you will also notice that BTT/TRX donations also now show up.

Stream Labels
Any donations made by BTT / TRX will automatically update your latest donation stream label, and you can also use the new "BTT/TRX Stream Label" which shows the username who donated.

Chat Overlay
The chat overlay now shows the BTT / TRX donation too :)

Future Updates
TidyLabs is still my passion and I will keep working on adding extra things.  For BTT/TRX Donations, I would like to build them into the Ninja Boss, and the Lemonade Stand (Tip Jar) that I am working on too :)

As with everything, if you have any problems please reach out and I will do my best to resolve the issue :)