TidyLabs: DLive emote extension

Hi Everybody!

I  am really pleased and excited to launch the TidyLabs > DLive emote browser extension.  The extension will convert certain text typed in your chat to full colour emotes.

Any streamer who uses TidyLabs can upload 5 unique emotes (in their TidyLabs control panel) for any user to use in their chatroom.

Please note: This is not currently integrated with the TidyLabs chat overlay, I am working on that now.

Download the extension: 
  - Firefox (Not currently available - still working on this)

What does the extension do?

The extension will not only insert emotes into the DLive chat room, but will also add an emoji picker for your chat users to choose an emote to send.
Each emote can be typed in your chat room such as :dlive: will be replaced with the DLive logo.

Will this work with the TidyLabs multi-stream?

Yes!  For each of the streamers, their uploaded emotes will be shown in the respective emote picker window.

How big can my emotes be?

Uploaded files (png / jpg) must be smaller than 1mb, and will automatically resized to 25x25.

I see extra emotes that I didn't upload?

I have added a few global emotes for anybody to use in any channel.  This will most likely be changed / added to for events and funsies.

How can I upload my own emote to use on my channel?

The resizing component is pretty poor at resizing.. for the best possible looking emote.. upload at 25px x 25px :)
  1. Log into TidyLabs
  2. Click "Emotes" (under the Tools menu)
  3. Click "Add Emote"
  4. Choose your emote name
  5. Choose your emote file
  6. Click "Upload"

Can you make the emotes sub only?

No.  They are for anybody in your chat room.

How are emotes different to stickers?

Stickers exist on their own chat message, which means you can cannot use them inline like:
Check out my 🐶 it smells like 🎂

So how do I use the emote picker?

Once the extension has been successfully added to your browser, you should see a yellow circle in the chat message box.
Once clicked, the window will open showing the emotes.
Once you click on an emote, it will copy the emote text to the clipboard where you can paste into the chat message.

Why don't you automatically insert the text when I click the emote?

I am not comfortable making something that can produce "fake" keyboard strokes.

Plans for the future?

Firstly - Add the emotes to the chat overlay in TidyLabs :)

I plan to take down the extension once DLive has native emotes, but depending on requests and usage, I would like to do the following:
  • Tabs for Channel & Global Emotes
  • Increase the emote allowance
  • Larger emotes?

Why make this if DLive are working on emotes?

It's fun.  I like to make things that people will use and enjoy 😍  Just like the clips extension, I will remove this when DLive launch their own emotes system.

How can I report a bug?

I don't really code browser extensions, so this has been a huge learning process for me, I do expect bugs, so please report them.
Please head on over to https://discord.gg/tidy