TidyLabs: Multi-Streams - Watch 4 DLive Streams at once!

Hey Everybody,
I am proud to release the first version of "TidyLabs Multi Stream".
To get started, head on over to: https://multi.tidylabs.stream

What is TidyLabs Multi Stream?

The TidyLabs Multi Stream feature is a simple website which will allow you to choose up to 4 different DLive streamers and watch/interact on a single page.

Once you have entered the streamers you wish to watch, TidyLabs Multi Stream will generate a URL which will load all of the streams on a single page.

Usage Cases

Imagine 2 or 3 streamers are playing DayZ. They are all in a call together, and all streaming to DLive.  You will now be able to choose those streamers to watch all at once.


Can I share the generated Link?

Yes!  Share with your community so they can watch all the people you are playing with!

Can I alter the layout?

Not yet. The Multi-Stream page embeds the mobile version of the DLive website giving limited placement.  Once embedding is available on DLive I can introduce different layouts.

I can't claim the chest.

The multi-stream page embeds the mobile version of the DLive website so chests cannot be claimed without using the DLive app.

A Stream hasn't loaded, it's all messed up!

Refresh the page, this should sort it :)

Will watching streams count towards viewers?

Yes. It is the DLive mobile site.

Will chatting in streams count towards the chest?

Yes. It is the DLive mobile site.


If you have any problems, please let me know by joining the TidyLabs Discord Server over at: https://discord.gg/tidy


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