TidyLabs: Interactive + Points

Hi Everybody!
Over the past month I have been working on a brand new interactive system for TidyLabs Alpha testers to check out.

What is TidyLabs Interactive?

TidyLabs Interactive is a new system built into the Global Chat Bot (Chatbot 2.0) that will allow active chatters to gain points in your channel.  You can change the name of the points, how often they are distributed, and a lot of other different things!

What are Points, and what can they be used for?

Points or "Stream Currency" are an inchat feature where each user will have their own amount of points for that channel.

Points will be distributed to active chatters in your channel.

Points can currently be used for setting off custom sound effects, videos, images on your stream making your whole DLive Experience more Interactive 🚀🚀

What kind of Effects?

Streamers can create their own effects:
  • Sound Only
  • Sound and Image
  • Image Only
  • YouTube Video
Each effect you create can have the following settings:
  • Points Cost
  • Cooldown
  • Duration of the Effect
  • Who can use it (ie, make a subscriber only interactive effect)

Who can use TidyLabs Interactive?

This feature is currently in Alpha development and relies on the TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0.  

Where can I get help?

I have written a full help article over on our docs website: https://docs.tidylabs.stream/tidylabs-chat-bot/tidylabs-interactive

You can also check out the TidyLabs Discord over at: https://discord.gg/tidy


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