Global Chat Bot, Song Requests, Moderation, Commands...Alpha Access 🙏

Hey Everybody,

I want to thank everybody who has supported the development of TidyLabs, and I am incredibly proud to release the first version of the TidyLabs Global Chat Bot!

Many users think that TidyLabs has a team of developers, it doesn't... it's just me.  I am really trying my best to keep ensuring that DLive Streamers have similar tools that are available on other platforms (and usually 10x the developers)

What do you mean Global?

The original chat bot relied on streamers keeping their chat overlays open somewhere to ensure that commands could be called.  Although this method sort of worked, it wasn't really ideal.

The Global Chat Bot does not need any overlays open as it runs on it's own dedicated server, and is constantly connected to your chat room.  This means that static commands can be called any time by your users.

What Features are in the current Global Bot

  • Static Command !uptime to report your current live stream duration
  • Commands that you make eg: !discord etc (with Emoji and Turkish Character support)
    • 500 Character Limit
    • Can be set to:
      • Everybody
      • Moderators only
      • Channel owner only
    • Supports tags:
      • ##sender## - The person who requested the command
      • ##target## - The part after the command (see example below)
  • !8ball - A quick answer to a question (see example below)
  • Timed Commands sent every X minutes you are live (Time range from: 5 mins to 20 mins)
  • Chat moderation - add bad words to your list for them to be removed automatically
  • Link Moderation - the bot will delete links posted in your chat from non-mods
  • Alert Messages:
    • Custom Follow Message
    • Custom Host Message
    • Custom Subscriber Message
    • Custom Sub Anniversary Message
    • Custom Gifted Sub Message
    • Custom Lemon Donation Message
    • Custom Ice Cream Donation Message
    • Custom Diamond Donation Message
    • Custom Ninjaghini Donation Message
    • Custom Ninjet Donation Message
  • Giveaways
    • Start a Giveaway in your channel for users to !enter
    • Announce the winner in your chat
  • Song Requests
    • Users can add up to 20 YouTube songs in total to your play list
    • Requests can be set to sub only
    • Set the maximum length of songs that can be requested
    • Public Playlist page (your users can see what songs are in the list!)
    • Moderators can remove songs from your playlist
    • Song Request Player
      • In the TidyLabs Site or Popout
      • Delete Songs in the Play list (Logged in users only)
      • Skip Songs
      • Pause Songs
    • Added "Current Song" Label to show add to your stream


How do I get the Global Chat Bot?

The bot is currently in ALPHA release for Subscribers to test and report any bugs.  Hopefully if all is well, we can launch before 2020!

I have started writing full instructions over at the new TidyLabs Docs page: