TidyLabs: Ninja Boss - Alpha Release

Hey Everybody,

I finally had chance to sit down and work my way through some requests... this one Ninja Boss!

I have always maintained that TidyLabs is a stop gap to Streamlabs, and until they support DLive, I will do all that I can to ensure that DLive streamers have similar functions available to them.

Introducing Ninja Boss!

Ninja Boss is a new overlay/widget for DLive streamers.  A user will be the streams Ninja Boss with their very own health bar.

Donating / Subscribing / Following will attack the Ninja Boss's health bar until a new Ninja Boss is crowned!

A new Ninja Boss is crowned by the user who finally manages to get the current health to 0.

The list of damage points are as follows:
  • Donate 1 x Lemon = 1 Damage
  • Donate 1 x Ice Cream = 10 Damage
  • Donate 1 x Diamond = 100 Damage
  • Donate 1 x Ninjaghini = 1000 Damage
  • Donate 1 x Ninjet = 10,000 Damage
  • 1 x Follow = 5 Damage
  • 1 x Subscription = 298 Damage
If the user donating is the current Ninja Boss, then this will increase the boss's health 😲

Current Customisation Options

As this feature is currently in Alpha development, the list of customisation is quite limited.  Using the TidyLabs control panel you are able to change:
  • Current Ninja Boss
  • Current Health of Ninja Boss
  • Total Health of Ninja Boss

Alpha Access Only

As with all Alpha features they may contain bugs, or may not work as expected.  This is why it is only currently available to TidyLabs Subscribers.  This allows me to ensure the product works perfectly for full release.

If you wish to get your hands on Ninja Boss, and help with the testing, you can subscribe to the TidyLabs channel over at: https://dlive.tv/tidylabs

As always, I want to thank everybody for their continued support 💛