TidyLabs: Donation Scroller - Alpha Release

Hey Everybody!

Today I am releasing the alpha version of the Donation Scroller 🚀

What is a Donation Scroller?

A donation scroller will query DLive for your latest donations and slide them across your stream grouped by donator, and ordered from largest to smallest (maximum 10 donators)

The alpha release contains 2 different scroller options:
  • Current Stream
  • Monthly
Current Stream Total

The scroller will show the data relating to your latest stream.  If you are live, then it will show the donations for your current stream.  If you are offline, then the data will be for your previous stream.

Monthly Total

The scroller will show the data relating to the current month, and will automatically reset at the start of a new month.


Included in the alpha release are some cool new features I plan to roll out to the other overlays on TidyLabs.  Most noticeably is the new font selector, which now shows you the preview of fonts - instead of a long, long, long, long list of styles... you've probably never heard of.

You can change the following in the scroller:
  • Font Style
  • Scroller background colour (or transparent)
  • Username Colour
  • Donation background colour (or transparent)
  • Donation text colour

As always, please report any bugs to me and we can hopefully get this pushed out to everybody :)


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