TidyLabs: Events List for DLive

Today I have finally launched the Events List for DLive.  This has been in active development for about a month with the help of TidyLabs Supporters.

What is an events list?

The events list is a small overlay used on your stream which captures recent events from your DLive stream.
  • Donations
  • Follows
  • Subscriber
  • Host
The list will update automatically and can by fully customised to fit your stream brand.

  • Background Colour
  • Font Choice
  • New Event Animation
  • Username Colour
  • Event Type (SUB / LEMON etc) background colour
  • Event Type Text Colour
  • Turn Event Icons On/Off

How to Add the events List to your Stream

  1. Log into TidyLabs
  2. Click "Events List"
  3. Click the "Copy URL" button
  4. Add a new browser source in OBS / XSplit
  5. Paste the Event List URL
The events list will be blank when you first use it, but as users donate / follow / subscribe etc, it will fill up.

The size is entirely up to you, the events list will fill the width... so if you only want a thin events list, make the browser width smaller 

A little further out

As with all tools on TidyLabs, they are never quite where I want them to be.  So I will be working on the following:
  • Event List Themes
  • Only Show certain types of events (ie only lemons!)
  • Reverse Events List (New Items at the top)

If you have any problems, please let me know by either contacting me on Discord, leaving a comment or dropping me a tweet.

All the best



  1. Anyway to reduce the maximum number of items that appear at any one time? So if i only want the last 5 events?

  2. invalid request is shown once I try to log in


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