TidyLabs - DLive Treasure Chest

Hey Everybody!

With the brand new launch of the DLive treasure chest, rewarding your loyal community has never been easier.  To read more about it, please visit: https://community.dlive.tv/2019/05/10/the-new-treasure-chest-is-here/

TidyLabs Chest Overlay

TidyLabs now supports the new DLive treasure chest in the form of a small overlay that will periodically update with the amount of LINO contained within it.

The overlay has a few customisation options:
  • Font Choice
  • Text Colour
  • Text Background Colour
The recommended size for the browser overlay is 320x320

The chest has 2 states, open and closed. 

Open Chest

When the total contents of the chest is 0, the chest will be open (ie. it's been distributed).

Closed Chest

When the total content of the chest is greater than 0, the chest will be closed whilst it is filling up.


  1. How to set value for open chest on stream?

    1. This would be a future feature. The chest overlay shows the current amount in your DLive chest only.

  2. how do I add more to my chest on top of what my chat earns?

    1. u need a pc for that....click the chest in ur dlive page and it will give u the option. if this helped then follow me on dlive: https://dlive.tv/SKY_RICK432

  3. I used this the first few streams i did and it showed up fine now when i try to use it! It's like its nit even there also it doesn't show the preview anymore on the Tidy Labs page here:


    Is this something i did that made it go away?


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