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Hey Everybody!

I've never been really happy with the lack of customisation I offered in my previous tips overlay so decided to write a brand new system that is less intensive for the DLive servers and offers more options for you.

Alerts 2.0

Sounds Snazzy!

The new alerts system reads the DLive.tv chat (just how the previous tips alert did).  However, it now supports follows, subs and hosts!

All of your existing alerts will work off the old system until you restart your streaming software... then they will automatically be forwarded to the new alerts URL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new alerts are now centralised which may require you to re-position everything.  I was never happy that the previous alerts were ALWAYS on the left which made lining up incredibly difficult.

What options do I get in the new Alerts system?
  1. Each alert can have a different duration ie only show lemons for 1 second, subs for 18 seconds.
  2. Each alert has its own independent volume ensuring your overlays are sounding swish!
  3. Single URL for ALL Alerts (if you wanted - read more below)
  4. Font Options for each alert (tips, follows, subs, hosts)
  5. Display Animation for each alert (fade in, slide, zoom etc)
  6. Customised message for each alert

One URL for all Alerts 😮

The new alerts system all works from 1 URL... but in theory you could choose to have 4 URLs.... sounds confusing yea?

Once you log into TidyLabs, you will be able to select which alerts you want to show on your URL.  Using the tick boxes you can specify what alert you want to show on that particular browser source.

So lets say you want all your tips to slide in from the left, but you want your follows / subs to slide in from the right - and to finish off.. all your sub alerts in the center of the screen - this is now possible!
You would set up 3 browser sources in your streaming software.  For the tips browser source:

URL 1 : Tips Only - Only tick/check the "Tips" box  and copy the URL into your streaming software.

URL 2: Follows/Hosts - Only tick/check the "Follows" and "Hosts" and copy the URL into a new browser source

URL 3: Subs Only - Only tick/check the "Subs" and copy the UTL into a new browser source

The new system allows for a really cool customised stream to match your brand!
However.. if you just wanted all your alerts on 1 URL, check them ALL and copy to OBS.

Current Bugs / Not quite happy with

Firing on all browser sources
If you do split your alerts up into separate browser sources and press "test" in TidyLabs, it will fire potentially on all the browser sources.
To stop this, disable all the overlay browser sources you do not want to test - leaving the one you want to test active.

This has been fixed - Tidy :)

Turkish / Other Language Support

I will be supporting the Turkish language soon.  The database needs to be converted to a different character set which is only the beginning.  It will take some time, but I do want to support every language.


As always, let me know how you get on with the new alerts system and submit any bugs to me either directly, or in Discord the discord help rooms.

I'd also like to give a huge thank you to everybody who helps support TidyLabs users - there are far too many of you to name, but it really does help - thank you 💕

All the best,



  1. Curious.. is there anyway to set up a single graphic as a full background on the alert box, rather than the image centered at the top of the alert?


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