TidyLabs - Chat Bot V1.0

Hey Everybody!

A couple of updates today, 1 being that TidyClips will automatically post a link in your stream chat when a clip is made.  This is 100% in Alpha and always looking for feedback from everybody.

Currently the only way to disable it... is to ban TidyClips from your chat - so please let me know if you want this option.

DLive Chat Bot v1.0

I'm incredibly proud to launch the very first public version of the TidyLabs / DLive chat bot.
It's no StreamLabs, Scorpbot, ScottyBot, Nightbot, MooBot..... but it's 'a bot'.  It's current features are:

Chat commands

Chat commands in action!

Not perfect, nor feature packed.. however I hope it will be super useful to improve your streams.

How do I add TidyLabs chat bot to my stream?
If you are using the TidyLabs chat overlay, you're all set!  If you are live whilst reading this, refresh your chat window and everything should be ok!

If you are not using a TidyLabs chat overlay, then you need to (LOL).  Or just open the URL in a browser tab.

Can I rename the bot?


Can the bot moderate my chat for me?

No.  The only "current" feature is commands.

Features a little further out

This is just the first version, so basic commands and checking for stability is important to me.  (Build a solid foundation... then work on the painting)
Hopefully, if all goes well, the features will include:
  • Moderation (removal of messages)
  • Auto commands (commands that output every X seconds)
  • Song Requests (yup!)
  • Standalone TidyLabs Desktop Bot

As always everybody, thank you for reading, and I appreciate all the great comments I receive - thank you.

All the best!



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