TidyLabs Update: TidyClips Integration

Hey Everybody,

I have just launched the TidyLabs > TidyClips integration (version 1 - more to come!).  From the new integration, you are now able to generate a clip using a unique TidyLabs key.

For users who have a StreamDeck or even the phone apps, you can now add this URL for a quick and easy way to make clips.

New Support Page

I have added a simple support page to help any user who has any questions regarding TidyLabs or any features.

New Home Page

As many of you have already noticed, we have a new home page which shows some cool live statistics!

One of my own annoyances was how "non-mobile friendly" TidyLabs was.  TidyLabs has a lot of mobile users - today we fixed that :)


I want to say thank you to everybody who stopped by my stream the other night, the kindness expressed by the DLive community is amazing, Thank You.

All the best